Apple Deals, Coupons and Offers

Just because Apple rarely has offers on its products doesn't mean that you can't score excellent Apple deals. If you know how and where to shop for these deals, you can save some serious cash. We've compiled several ways to cheaply shop for Apple products.

How to Score Apple Deals

One way to save money when shopping for Apple products is to buy refurbished gadgets. There's a certified Apple Store page that specifically sells refurbished units. Keep in mind that these products aren't used. They're units returned to the factory because they had particular defects. Once the company fixes the issues, the products are as good as new but sold at a discount. You can save up to 15% when you buy a refurbished unit. Even better, they come with a one-year warranty.

If you're a college student, faculty member or teacher, you can take advantage of the Apple's Education Pricing program to get amazing Apple discounts. The company cuts down the prices on selected Macs and iPads up to $100 off. You'll have to show proof of your student or faculty status to qualify for these discounts.

When it's time to upgrade to the latest smartphone from Apple, consider signing up for the iPhone Upgrade Program. With this program, you make monthly installments of about $37 and get a new iPhone once you make 12 payments. While this doesn't necessarily save you money, it's much easier to pay the small installments rather than chucking out hundreds of dollars at once. The monthly payment is inclusive of the AppleCare+ coverage.

Where to Find Apple Offers

Whether you're looking for Apple coupons on tablets or discounts on Macs, you can be sure to save money with Apple-centered sites like MacRumors and AppleInsider. These sites have special pages with the latest Apple offers and deals. Check them out frequently to land the best deals of the day.

If you're traveling regularly or have friends and family outside the country, you can take advantage of AppleCompass. This site allows you to figure out the cheapest places in the world to buy Apple products. When buying Apple items outside the U.S., ensure there aren't major differences on the products (like keyboard layouts on a Mac).

While other retailers like Amazon and Best Buy have recently discounted products like Apple Airpods to $145, MassGenie has the best prices we’ve seen on similar items. A few Slickdealers have taken advantage of these offers, and so far everyone seems happy with their experiences. Felunk says their order shipped free with no tax, and they’re not worried about product defects since products are usually covered by Apple’s warranty.

Apple Back to School Sales

For a limited time, the Apple Education Store often times kick-starts its Back to School sale with discounts on select 2019 Macbook Laptops and iMacs. As an added bonus, it also throws in a free pair of Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones, valued up to $350. Apple offers a trade-in program to help you save even more on your next computer. Just follow the trade-in prompt at the top of the product page, and you can get a trade-in value of up to $1400 for your old device.

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